The University is creating a new world-class facility for Life and Mind Sciences. The Life and Mind Building will become the new home for two University departments: Experimental Psychology and a new department of Biology, combining Zoology and Plant Sciences. 


The Life and Mind Building will transform the education experience for students, providing laboratories for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers, as well as lecture theatres, specialised support laboratories and opportunities for public engagement with our research. It will be the largest building project the University has ever undertaken and will be a catalyst for the advancement of psychological and biological science development both at the University of Oxford and on a global platform.
The new building will also aim to facilitate the University’s schools and public outreach through shared opportunities for art, exhibitions, lectures and conferences, offering a ‘window into science’.  Whilst it will occupy the same site as the existing Tinbergen building, it will enhance this gateway to Oxford’s Science Area and create an exciting public space with better connections to the surrounding area.


A message from the project's Senior Responsible Owner, Professor Chris Kennard 


Portrait photograph of Professor Chris Kennard.

Professor Chris Kennard, SRO




Our vision for the new building is that it will transform the way psychological and biological science is done in Oxford because it will enable more multidisciplinary collaboration and sharing of knowledge and ideas to happen than ever before. Quite simply it will help scientists to solve some of our major global challenges.

It will also be transformational for our students, in terms of their education experience and choices, as well as providing exciting new public spaces and more opportunities for public engagement with our research.



The links below provide more details on the background to the new building, the oppertunity and aims of the project, and the design vision that has been developed together with the project's architects.